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דרושים מלונאות, דרושים תיירות






This is our basic service. The employer provides the job requirement, and we supply candidates that meet these requirements from our unique candidate repository. Additionally, we advertise the position to increase the number of potential candidates.

All candidates are professionally interviewed by us & we carefully check their background & references


This service provides the entire management of the recruitment process.
We assist with job description, identify potential candidates, conduct professional interviews, and support the selection process and negotiation with the selected candidate.
Our service includes meeting the employer, and getting acquainted with the organization and its' values. Assistance in defining the professional needs of the company and the specific job requirements.
Additionally, we manage the media advertisement process. We then collect a 'long list' of candidates from all our available sources (internal and external repositories). We interview all relevant candidates, and provide preliminary screening.  As the 'short list' is established, we join the employer for a full interviewing day. We provide a comparative summary of all remaining candidates, and maintain a professional, ethic and equal process. Finally, we assist the employer in selecting the most qualified candidate.

This service targets 

  • Clients that need a professional external objective recruiting assistance because of multiple decision makers.

  • Clients who are not specialized in recruiting for the specific position.

This service locates candidates who meet specific requirements while presenting very high performance in their field, and are still employed by another company in relevant industry or at a competitor.

Using this service the employer can approach candidates which otherwise would not apply, using our business and personal connections.

This service is recommended -

  • ​When there is an inherit difficulty in the characteristics of a particular function.

  • The required skills are specific and rare.

  • A long recruitment process may have high costs.

We do not practice Headhunting at active clients companies (Active client - a client in which a recruitment was made during the passing year).

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